New York University in Prague has developed a large variety of extracurricular educational and research activities since its inception in 1998. The main objective of all of these activites is to give our students opportunities to learn more than what the official curriculum requires of them. Another objective is to establish NYU in Prague as an intellectual hub that attracts a vairety of people from the English-speaking public in Prague and Central Europe: non-NYU students, scholars, diplomats, business and community leaders and politicians. As many of those activites emphasize scholarhips and research, on January 1, 2006, NYU in Prague founded an institute – the Prague Institute for Democracy, Economy and Culture (PIDEC)—which serves as an institutional roof for such activities. Many of its events are open to the public.

Working closely with partner research institutions at NYU – such as the Remarque Institute, and the Center for European Studies, PIDEC also cooperates with Czech academic institutions and think tanks such as Charles University, Prague, and the Forum 2000 foundation, which organizes annual international conferences in Prague under the auspices of former Czech President Vaclav Havel.


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